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According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the number of commercial motor vehicles CMV accidents reached 411,000 in 2014. Of this number, 3,424 cases reported at least one fatality.

CMV Accidents Prevention Strategies:

E-Logs mission is to deploy effective strategies and advanced technologies that can help reduce public roadway fatalities through education, engineering and enforcement.

  1. Education strategies help increase drivers’ awareness and skill development through programs that improve everybody’s knowledge and help reduce CMV accidents. Among these are classroom instruction, online lessons, posters or flyers which people can see at CMV terminals and newsletters.
  2. Engineering strategies help improve roadway safety through better ergonomics in large trucks and buses as well as infrastructure maintenance and development of safety technologies.
  3. Enforcement strategies supplement driver education by promoting safe driving habits  and adherence to the safety laws and regulations.

Another strategy is the Behavior-Based Safety (BBS). Through the combination of the “three Es,” BBS techniques prove to be highly effective in achieving safety-related behaviors. BBS programs have reduced injuries as well as fatalities due to CMV accidents.

Onboard ELD Systems Reduces Driver Errors and Measures Performance

E-Logs ELD System is equipped with state-of-the-art onboard vehicle technologies that records and measures a drivers driving behaviors and fleets performance. E-Logs ELD system can either be used to record driver’s performance or can be linked to cameras to monitor the operator and vehicle’s surrounding environment.

E-Logs highlights safety-related events to help drivers review real-time data and analyze past events to prevent driver errors from occurring again. In addition, a performance management program allows safety managers to determine the riskiest of the riskiest drivers over the road.

Recent studies revealed that data with CMVs equipped with the most severe safety-related events made significant performance improvements when utilizing an on-board ELD system. Another study demonstrated video-based ELD systems to prevent fatal CMV accidents.

To implement ELD technologies and effectively implement solutions , there is a need to carefully plan strategies by involving all staff members to be actively involved. Drivers can then realize the importance of ELD systems and demonstrate how CMV accidents can be reduced.

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