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DSRC Technology Some electromagnetic spectrum waves are regulated so as to avoid interference between users. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) designates some for commercial use, and some for public purposes. In 1999, in an effort to improve highway safety and efficiency the FCC allocated 75 megahertz of spectrum for intelligent transportation services. Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) is now taking advantage of this and supporting technologies that improve road safety. DSRC Technology, is a data communication system that allows rapid high data transmission. 

Challenges Transmitting Millions of Data Points to Connect Vehicles to DSRC Technology

DSRC Technology is important for the simple implementation of new safety technologies that utilizes the transmission of millions of data points in an efficient manner.You have probably heard of new communication systems that promise to drastically reduce the amount of vehicle related deaths and improve our time on the road.

  • Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communications. V2V has revolutionary crash avoidance capabilities. With this. vehicles can communicate with other nearby vehicles to share valuable insights to prevent accidents.
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) Communications. V2I is the wireless transmission of crucial safety data and operational information between vehicles and roadway infrastructure. In conjunction with V2V, this technology can increase safety and convenience. This technology will probably automate highway tolls.

V2V and V2I allow communication between vehicles and their surroundings. In order for this to be possible, the technologies require the transmission of millions of data points every minute. It is absolutely essential to optimize data transmission. Thus, DSRC technology must be dependable in any condition or situation such as extreme weather.

Millions of Data Points and DRSC Development

Anonymous data from these technologies will provide more and better traffic and road condition information in real time. The development of DRSC and subsequently the technologies it supports will radically change way we navigate our roads. This will impact us directly while traveling, and also directly impact several different industries. New technologies facilitated by DSRC will help streamline all aspects of the supply chain, allowing for faster more efficient transportation and logistics. With less accidents and delays and optimized route planning, deliveries will be made much quicker and can be more accurately planned. Additionally, software and technology companies have ample opportunity for further development. DSRC technology allows several industries to capitalize and contribute to development, better safety features, and ultimately quality of life.

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