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About Us

E-Logs is an all-in-one solution for professional drivers to be in compliance with the new Federal Mandate. Helping drivers and owner-operators stay in full compliance with advanced technology. E-Logs automates hours of service while reducing violations, improving driver efficiency, and driver safety! Call Us Today! (855) MY-ELOGS

E-Logs Services

These are just a few of the things will be bringing you...

E-Logs Electronic Logging Device

Find out how to get the most advanced ELD on the market and comply with the Federal Mandate, while also improving your efficiency and safety!

E-Logs App

Learn how our free app will help you track your driving stats and keep you connected to our team and online community at all times!

E-Logs Subscriptions

Come and see how E-Logs can offer our subscribers most efficient and affordable ELD solution on the market!

E- Logs Crossroads Affiliate Network

Become a part of the E-Logs Network and connect with our industry partners and other drivers who are enjoying exclusive offers and discounts through membership!

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