Automatic Electronic Logging Solutions.



Inspection Dashboard

Responding to maintenance-related issues in a real-time fashion for the best vehicle performance.

Secure Database

Servicing clients with the highest level of security, privacy, and integrity.

Real-Time Tracking

Tracking your driver fleet just got convenient! With real-time updates and alerts.
E-Logs App Features

E-Logs ELD connects with vehicles to automatically record driving time and reduce risks for citations caused by logbook errors. Commercial drivers can now keep track of their available Hours of Service (HOS) with E-Logs affordable electronic logbook app. A few benefits include…


  • Quickly & Easily Create Electronic Logs
  • Support for both Android and IOS Platforms
  • Document Capture and Send
  • Vehicle Health Reports
  • Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring/Tracking
  • Improve and Protect Your Safety Scores
  • Never Miss An Oil Change


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Sustainable Vehicle Technologies

Smart Driving Technologies

E-Logs provides tons of useful data to help drivers easily manage vehicle health performance with real-time notifications and reminders.

Stay Connected

Drivers can use device camera to capture documents
Document mode corrects for poor quality pictures
Documents are stored safely on the server within seconds
Driver/dispatch communication
Instant message between driver and dispatch
See when message has been received and read

Automatic Vehicle Reporting

Keep vehicle inspection reports organized
Create easy vehicle inspection reports fast and error free
Drivers can share imagines, notifications, and reports directly to dispatcher

Compliance to the law

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between compliance to FMCSA mandate and truck drivers accomplishing the  hours of service. It has also been proven that compliance to the mandate has resulted in lower crash rates. E-Logs is also 100% DOT compliant.  


E-Logs has made truck drivers and dispatch become more interconnected with each other. Electronic logging through E-Logs allows drivers to be easily accessible through the E-Logs dashboard. Also, one can send messages to drivers either individually or in groups.


E-Log’s Big Data increases transparency between carriers and shippers as its program has included a feature that shows recent updates, flow and access to required reports. It also provides an instant view of potential log errors and completion issues. One can also access valuable data about the drivers and their vehicles.

Time savings

E-Logs allow for time-saving with error-free information. Manual and logbook entries and audits are time-consuming and are prone to erroneous entries.


The program can quickly and easily create and audit drivers’ electronic logs. Other features include auto-creating duty status logs that improves accuracy and reliability as compared with the manual method. Drivers can fully automate the entry and storage of all required information needed for federally-compliant driver logbooks.

Sustainable Vehicle Technologies

Quick and Fast Retrieval

Using e-logs makes it easy for fleet managers to plan jobs and increase fleet efficiency by viewing up-to-date driver statuses.  There is real-time visibility and fleet availability. Vehicles can be tracked in real-time with its 1 minute updates. Truck companies can also receive alerts on their drivers’ violations.

Storage/Prevention of lost data

Without the electronic logging system, it is difficult for drivers and companies to obtain detailed information of log history that can be used for analysis and improvement.  E-Logs can store large data sets that can serve as basis to reveal patterns, trends and associations that relate to human behavior and interactions. Big Data of e-logs has streamlined new technological approaches in gathering a higher level of detailed and speed driven information.

Ease of Use

Considering that some truck drivers may not be technology savvy, E-Logs has been created with the user in mind. It’s easy-to-use and easy-to-understand screens simplify the learning process and facilitate for a rapid data entry. The hours-of-service data is easily recorded, transmitted and displayed on the E-Logs device.


One of the features of the E-Logs is that it notifies the driver of any inconsistencies in his vehicle that might lead to accidents. Also, with the system’s tracking feature, it is easy to locate drivers and their vehicles.


Using electronic logbook instead of manual handwritten ones increases credibility and eliminates payroll fraud. This method makes good business sense and keeps drivers’ accurate report for their work hours. E-Logs bring accountability and compliance in the trucking industry.

Cost Reduction

With the system tracking possible vehicle problems, truck drivers as well as their companies can reduce on further repair expenses by working on preventing the reported issue. The same holds true in terms of insurance expenses.

Status Update

Using e-logs makes it easy for fleet managers to plan jobs and increase fleet efficiency by viewing up-to-date driver statuses.  There is real-time visibility and fleet availability. Vehicles can be tracked in real-time with its 1 minute updates. Truck companies can also receive alerts on their drivers’ violations.


E-Logs is portable for use by any driver or vehicle in your fleet. This eliminates the problem of the difficulty of handling. Also, the data from E-Logs as well as the system can be imported and exported to and from other makes. It is also fully compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

ELD Elogs Driver FMCSA HOS

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