Inspection Dashboard

Responding to maintenance-related issues in a real-time fashion for the best vehicle performance.

Secure Database

Servicing clients with the highest level of security, privacy, and integrity.

Real-Time Tracking

Tracking your driver fleet just got convenient! With real-time updates and alerts.
E-Logs App Features

E-Logs ELD connects with vehicles to automatically record driving time and reduce risks for citations caused by logbook errors. Commercial drivers can now keep track of their available Hours of Service (HOS) with E-Logs affordable electronic logbook app. A few benefits include…


  • Quickly & Easily Create Electronic Logs
  • Support for both Android and IOS Platforms
  • Document Capture and Send
  • Vehicle Health Reports
  • Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring/Tracking
  • Improve and Protect Your Safety Scores
  • Never Miss An Oil Change


Register today and receive world class compliance support with E-Logs sustainable vehicle technologies.

Sustainable Vehicle Technologies
Sustainable Vehicle Technologies

Smart Driving Technologies

E-Logs provides tons of useful data to help drivers easily manage vehicle health performance with real-time notifications and reminders.

E-Logs improves fleet communication—Never lose driver insight!

Drivers can use device camera to capture documents
Document mode corrects for poor quality pictures
Documents are stored safely on the server within seconds
Driver/dispatch communication
Instant message between driver and dispatch
See when message has been received and read

Automatic Vehicle Reporting

Keep vehicle inspection reports organized
Create easy vehicle inspection reports fast and error free
Drivers can share imagines, notifications, and reports directly to dispatcher

Driver logbook auditing just got easy!

Easily monitor duty status changes and locations
Reliable logs keeps drivers away from violations
Electronic signature
Archive logs for previous (6) months or longer upon request
Store, send, and print logs on the go
In-cab inspection mode for DOT and law enforcement officers
ELD ready!!!


Most affordable electronic logging device! No hidden fees! No Contracts!
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E-Logs Application

Manual Logbook
Real-Time Tracking
Electronic DVIR
Driver Messaging

Monthly Subscription
$19.99 per month

Electronic Logging Device
Real-Time Tracking
Electronic DVIR
Driver Messaging
Automatic Log Auditing
*Fuel Tax Reporting (IFTA)

1 Year Prepaid Subscription
$180 annually

Electronic Logging Device
Real-Time Tracking
Electronic DVIR
Driver Messaging
Automatic Log Auditing
*Fuel Tax Reporting (IFTA)

ELD Elogs Driver FMCSA HOS

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“At E-Logs Technology our top priority is to improve public safety for citizens sharing roadways and interstates around the world. Employing advanced technology that promotes sustainable vehicle solutions and creating the new standard for highway travel.”

Joel Ledesma

Chief Entrepreneur Officer 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is E-Logs?

E-Logs is a highly sophisticated and affordable hardware that is based on electronic reporting solutions for the commercial trucking industry.

The electronic logging device conforms to the newly promulgated log requirements and offers sustainable vehicle solutions for drivers to track, edit and submit logs from there smart device.

E-Logs application is the most affordable solution for drivers having to remain in compliance with the Final ELD Rule.

Who uses E-Logs?

E-Logs is an effective solution used by transportation professionals such as company drivers, bus-drivers, owner-operators, dispatchers, fleet managers, compliance directors and authorized law enforcement personnels to manage/audit fleets efficiently.

When Will E-Logs Mandate Take Effect?

ELD Mandate Effective Date announced February 16, 2016 publicized in the Federal Register.

ELD Compliance Date effective December 18, 2017.

What greener driving means?

E-Logs is improving power and fuel efficiencies in car electronics by helping our clients minimize fuel consumption, emissions and wear and tear with sustainable vehicle technologies.

What supporting documents do drivers carry?

“A document, in any medium, generated or received by a  motor carrier in the normal course of business as  described in 395.11 that can be used, as produced or with  additional identifying information, by the motor carrier  and enforcement officials to verify the accuracy of a  driver’s record of duty status.” 

What is the difference between the E-Logs Electronic Logbook App and the E-Logs ELD?

The E-Logs Electronic Logbook App is a fully editable electronic log that is a replacement for paper logs. The standalone E-Logs Electronic Logbook App is compliant with USDOT / FMCSA rule 395.8 regarding a driver’s record of duty status and Canada’s commercial vehicle drivers hours of service regulations.

The E-Logs ELD connects to the diagnostic port of a vehicle. When used in combination with the E-Logs Electronic Logbook App, the E-Logs ELD automatically records driving time in compliance with USDOT / FMCSA rule 395.15 regarding automatic on-board recording devices and the upcoming electronic logging device mandate.

Is E-Logs free? What's the catch?

No catch.  E-Logs provides no cost to lease hardware for drivers and dispatchers.  No Hidden Fee’s!  No Contracts!

Why must an electronic logging device (ELD) collect engine hour data?

E-Logs ELD prevents common violations from happening and helps drivers manage their available hours of service with error free logs. Engine hours provide a cross-check to verify accurate logging data.

In addition, many drivers reported being coerced into driving more than  federal safety regulations allowed. In turn, some drivers were reduced compensations and/or lost their jobs. To learn more on driver coercion click here.

How much data does E-Logs use?

The E-Logs app uses very little data for the standard logging feature.  Using other features such as E-Logs Mapping, may use more data.  View exact data usage from the (Settings) option in mobile devices.

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Million Injuries Reported (2015)

Annual Percentage Increase from (2014)

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